A NYC Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design Company

With visually stunning motion graphics, broadcast design, and post production services, Garbanzo pushes videos, images,
and sounds to their creative limit. Located in Union Square, our NYC motion design studio provides expertise, innovation,
and passion in all of our projects – from advertising and broadcast, to interactive and beyond.

Post Production

Editing, visual effects, color correction, sound design, scoring...we push pixels and waveforms.

Design & Animation

Motion design for interactive, print, film, broadcast, digital, 2D, 3D... we bleed colors, compositions, code, and frames.

Visual Effects

Need to destroy a building? Insert a virtual object into a shot? Save your budget...we’ve got you covered.


Augmented Reality (AR), mobile apps, 3D programming, CAD/CAM/GIS, CMS fontend and backends...all gravy to us.


Telephone: (212) 206-8916
Fax: (212) 707-8916
E-mail: hello@garbanzo.tv

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