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IKEA Augmented Reality Demo

Date: September 2012Client: Razorfish

Garbanzo was hired by Razorfish to help create an Augmented Reality (AR) demo app for a pitch to IKEA, at their headquarters in Sweden. We imported various 3d models into the Unity game engine, assigned the models to multiple unique tracking markers, programmed various model/texture swaps, and created virtual lighting setups (including baked GI lighting).

While Razorfish wasn’t awarded to job, IKEA used the concept to roll out their own AR app in August 2013:


Wes Townsend and Garbanzo are a pleasure to work with and a goto partner for me. Garbanzo delivers great projects under tight deadlines and makes it seem easy. They aren't afraid to try new things and they are fast learners too. I often recommend them. Matthew McGregor-Mento, Director, Emerging Experiences at Razorfish