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“Mysteries at the Museum”

Date: August 2012Client: Travel Channel

Garbanzo was hired to do a broadcast design tv package for Season 2 (Fall 2011) and Season 3 (Fall 2012) of theĀ  Travel Channel series “Mysteries at the Museum”. Hundreds of animations were created for all 24 episodes. Various styles of graphics were created: map animations, 3D blueprint animations, 3D photos (aka “parallax photos”), hand-drawn sketches, newspaper headlines, etc.

For more information about the show, please visit the Travel Channel website.

Wes and his team worked on a variety of graphics for a 12-episode Travel Channel series. They were incredibly helpful in coming up with a style for everything from 2d explainers to basic maps to animating photos. Wes was also terrific at working within budget and schedule limitations and coming up with creative solutions... Dana Ross, Showrunner/Co-Executive Producer, Optomen Productions