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“The Seven”

Date: December 2010Client: MTV Networks

Garbanzo created the tv show package for MTV’s “The Seven”, a replacement series to their long-running hit show “TRL”. Delivering first SD and then later HD versions, the broadcast design package included hundreds of elements: open, countdowns, numerous bugs, transitions, loops, bumps, and lower 3rds…each element in three color variations! In the process of transitioning from SD to HD, Garbanzo also transitioned our primary 3D pipeline from Maya to Cinema 4D.

I've worked with Wes and Garbanzo on several projects including TV series and live, daily news shows. When I needed a complete graphics package for a new live show, I instantly contacted them because of their creativity, work ethic, and all-around temperament. They are always polite and you can count on them for hard work and honesty. Plus, they take criticism well and strive to improve with every pass... Jennie Sager, Executive Producer, MTV
Times Square JUMBOTRON
For 9 months, every weekday from 5 to 5:30pm, our animations would play on the Times Square JUMBOTRON and the "44 1/2" billboard. Hizzah!