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Logo design for History Channel’s “Pirate Treasure of the Knight’s Templar”.

Titlecards for FYI’s “Tiny House Nation”.

:30 replay engager for History’s “Counting Cars”. Creation of a stylized 3D car in a garage.

Watch the show here.

Garbanzo was contacted to design a logo for a non-profit that distributes free mobile phones to returning veterans.


Garbanzo designed and animated the graphics package for Time Inc’s “Luce Awards 2014”.

Garbanzo designed and animated the intro animation for Time Inc’s “Newfront 2014” presentation.

Garbanzo created a :15 promo for Smithsonian’s “History of America in 101 Objects″ book.

Only 3 photos were used to create the 3D product shots, using projection mapping:


Garbanzo created a sizzle reel for the People Stylewatch app.

Garbanzo created the design style for Hairclub’s 2014 look.

14-1001_Hair_Club_For_Men1414-1001_HCFM_Backplate14 14-1001_HCFM_Before_After (1) 14-1001_HCFM_Before2

See the final commercial here.