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Garbanzo. New name, same great taste! We have expanded into more areas besides graphics (editing, sound design, development, to name a few), and felt “Garbanzo Grafix” was limiting. Kinda like a fat man in a belly shirt. So say hello to Garbanzo, Inc.!


Say hello to Garbanzo 2.0. Or is it 3.0? Probably more like 8.0. Whatever the case, enjoy!



Garbanzo just delivered a full graphics package for a new show on History Channel, “Chasing Tail”! No, not that tail, silly! Premieres in April 2013.


Garbanzo recently completed work on a print campaign for Oneworld (airline consortium). Every been in an airport? If so, you’ve probably seen it. Check it out!


Garbanzo just completed a graphics package for “Off the Hook: Extreme Catches”, premiering on Animal Planet! Show logo and kitchy maps…


Garbanzo designed and animated a web piece for Booz & Company, based on one of their reports on Facebook likes. Thumbs up!


We were contacted by US Legal Support to provide courtroom image and video demonstratives in a wrongful death case. With our help, their client successfully settled.


We just completed this :30 for UNIQLO, the Japanese fashion Überbrand. All hands were on deck for this…wait for it…6 day turnaround. Check it out!