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Education is the foundation of progress. It’s where critical thinkers and creative problem solvers are born. Be it a college, an elementary school, a tutoring center, or a technology startup with a focus in education, video is a great way to do what you do best. Plus, with so many visual learners out there, what better way to teach than with educational videos?

Partner Showcase: University of Somewhere

Teens aren’t the easiest to teach, and the University of Somewhere knew they needed something captivating to keep their students watching. They tapped Garbanzo to work on this educational video production and we created stories with powerful lessons.

See some of our education work:
Education & University Video Production 1
Education & University Video Production 2
Education & University Video Production 3
Education & University Video Production 4
Education & University Video Production 5
Education & University Video Production 6
Education & University Video Production 7
Education & University Video Production 8
Education & University Video Production 9
Why work with Garbanzo?

Who in our lives makes the biggest impact? Teachers and educators. That’s why we love partnering with learning institutions to make educational video that not only teaches a certain topic but does so in a meaningful way. We even have a former high school science teacher on staff. We know what it takes to make an education client’s video production successful both in the process and end product.

"case study" aka one of our best projects

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Education & University Video Production 10

“Wes and his team at Garbanzo are our go-to company because they bring together the perfect mix of high quality broadcast graphics design, creative collaboration and problem solving…”

Greg Henry
Co-Partner and Director, Part2 Pictures

Types of educational institutions we work with
Education & University Video Production 11

What kind of education videos can you make?

Whatever the lesson plan, we got you covered. We do animated educational series, screencasts, instructional videos, live-action, educational software explainer videos, and more for clients like Columbia University, Discovery Ed, DeVry, GEMS World Academy, and Otus.

Education & University Video Production 12

How much does and educational video typically cost?

Our animated videos start as low as $5,000, but usually in the $20,000 range for animation, and $20,000 - 40,000 for live action. However, to save over the long term, you can reuse parts of videos and create a cohesive educational video series, which reduces the per video cost. Interested? Reach out to learn more!

Education & University Video Production 13

How long does the educational video production process take?

The majority of our video projects take between 2 to 8 weeks to complete, depending on style, length, and complexity. One way to turn your assignment in on time is to approve the script right away! That way we can focus on the design and get your video in front of students and decision-makers.