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The Benefits of Video Marketing for Financial Institutions

Almost 90% of marketers choose video because it consistently delivers positive ROI. Video is more engaging, shareable, and memorable than any other medium.

A Forbes survey showed that 75% of business executives watch work-related videos, and 92% of B2B prospects consume online video. With approximately 12,000 commercial banks and financial institutions operating in the U.S., your organization needs a video production strategy to help it stand out.

The Value of Video Learning for Banks and Fintech Businesses

Video isn’t just critical as part of your sales strategy. It can also help banks and financial institutions to ensure consistency and reduce overheads during employee training. Data shows that 85% of spend on instructor-based training goes toward conveying information. Investing that budget in video instruction instead produces tangible, long-term savings.

What You Get When You Choose Garbanzo Financial Video Services

We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading banks, and perfected the process of helping them tell their brand story through compelling video campaigns.

  • Pre-production: We help you establish your budget, brainstorm a concept, and create the script for your promotional or training video. Voiceovers are also typically recorded at this stage.
  • Production: See your story come to life in a scene-by-scene storyboard and decide on the style of your final video.
    • Live Action: A professional camera and lighting crew film your video on location with talent (as required).
    • Animation: Experienced animators create your illustration assets and bring your story to life in After Effects.
  • Post-production: This is where the magic happens! We add the finishing touches, including editing, on-screen graphics, and sound design, to give you a professional finished video.

Examples of our Technology, UI, and Experience Design work

Garbanzo video production has created videos for some of the world’s leading agencies and technology companies. Explore the options available for your brand below.

one + BMW:
3D teaser animation

Garbanzo joined forces with the team at ONE to create a 3D teaser animation for the launch of their upcoming Gemini battery platform for BMW. Garbanzo was responsible for the neon line look dev and animation.

Google shopping Campaigns: UI screens

Garbanzo had the privilege to collaborate with the talented teams at BBH USA, to create interpretative UI animations for their Google Shopping campaigns for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022. The work consisted of animating various UI screens across 6 short films. Show here is the :60 film “Shades”.

AI processor:
explainer video

FOr CES 2020, Blaize hired Garbanzo to demonstrate the technical features of their new automotive AI processor. Loving a technical challenge, our creative team worked hand in hand with their Director of Engineering to storyboard a highly technical 3-minute explainer video.

charging adapters:
3d product visualization

Power Integrations is a Silicon Valley-based supplier of high-performance components used in high-voltage power conversion. If you’ve used an Apple or Anker charger, you’ve used their product!

Garbanzo assisted Power in  creating glossy high tech looking adapters in 3D, that would not infringe on the design of licensees’ products (Apple, Anker, etc).

Universal robots:
logo animation

Universal Robots is a Danish manufacturer of smaller flexible industrial collaborative robot arms, based in Odense, Denmark.

Garbanzo was asked to develop a new logo animation to be used in all of their marketing materials.

In-store displays

UNIQLO, Japan’s leading clothing retail chain, contracted Dentsu America to launch its national “Wonderqube” campaign. In turn, Dentsu contacted Garbanzo to produce a broadcast worthy :30 motion graphics animation, but with an accelerated 6-day turnaround.

This video was played on monitors behind checkout, and artwork was provided for in-store signage.

Technology, UI, and Experience Design 1

“Wes Townsend and Garbanzo are a pleasure to work with and a go-to partner for me. They deliver great projects under tight deadlines and make it seem easy. They aren’t afraid to try new things and they are fast learners too. I often recommend them.”

Matthew McGregor-Mento
SVP Director of Creative Technology, Arnold Worldwide

Choose the Right animation studio for Your Technology videos

Because we are fucking awesome. Medicine isn’t one of the easiest subjects to learn, and the University of Somewhere knew they needed something captivating to keep their students watching. They tapped Garbanzo to work on this medical video production and we created stories with powerful lessons.

Companies & Agencies we work with
Technology, UI, and Experience Design 2

What technology companies have you work with?

Google, BMW, Power Integrations, Universal Robots, Blaize, just to name a few.

Technology, UI, and Experience Design 3

How much does the typical technology video production cost?

Technology videos we work on typically range in the tens of thousands for animation, and hundreds of thousands for live action. Please reach out to us so we can provide you with a specific quote.

Technology, UI, and Experience Design 4

How long does it take?

Depending on style and complexity, it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to multiple months. With technology video production we find that having all the information up front and ensuring everyone’s on board is key to successful delivery.