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Financial video productions are a relatively easy way to help build consumer trust, develop brand identity, train staff, explain complex products, and much more. (EDIT ME)

The Demand for FINANCIAL Video (EDIT ME)

With corporate video productions and viewership on the rise, more business executives are starting to consider videos as a necessity in their marketing plan, and their day to day operations. A recent study from Forbes stated that 75% of business executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week. So, just because you’re a B2B business doesn’t mean you have to stick to the old methods of white papers and webinars to reach your target audience. A lot goes into these video productions and they can take a variety of shapes, so here’s a little more about how we tackle them. (EDIT ME)

Financial Video Production Process (EDIT ME)

Corporate video production typically flows in a step-by-step process:

  • Pre-production:  Developing a budget, brainstorming a concept, and finally writing a script (or script outline). If a voiceover is required, it is often recorded before jumping into production.
  • Production: Once a style is determined, a storyboard is created to layout the scene by scene actions. From there, the process is determined by the style.
    • Live Action: Production for live action videos typically include setting a shoot location, hiring talent (if needed), and filming with a professional camera & lighting crew.
    • Animation: Production for animated videos include developing illustrations assets based on the pre-determined style and storyboard, and then animating them in After Effects.
  • Post-production: Once the corporate video is produced, the post-production phase includes any editing required, adding the finishing touches such as additional on-screen graphics, and sound design. (EDIT ME)

Types of Financial Video Production

Now that you understand the basic outline of the corporate video production process, let’s take a look at the most popular styles of corporate video. (EDIT ME)

Financial OOH Advertising video production

Out of Home Advertising is blah blah blah (EDIT ME)

Garbanzo keyed, color-corrected, and animated a series of 6 online commercials for TD Ameritrade. Watch all 6 on TD Ameritrade’s YouTube Channel here. (EDIT ME)

internal financial product launch

There is a common misconception that animated videos are only for kids, or adults who act like kids. We’re here to set the record straight. While it’s true that kids love cartoons, the medium of animation doesn’t have to be confined to the Disney channel. An animated corporate video can actually be a great tool for your business to explain complex ideas, tools, and services. And don’t worry, those C-level execs will love it too!

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financial online commercials

Live action video is great for businesses who have a tangible product that they want to share with the world. As opposed to the testimonial video style, live action corporate videos often tell a fictional story, or demonstrate a common scenario surrounding a product. (EDIT ME)

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Live Action Financial communications

Your corporation is full of people. Those individuals could be spread out across multiple floors, cities, or countries. That’s why we’ve recently seen a rise in internal communications videos as it pertains to our corporate video productions. These are productions produced with the intent to only be seen by employees or contractors of your business, to get everyone on the same page quickly. (EDIT ME)

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Animated financial video production

A corporate recruiting video can be a great way to promote your company brand, showcase company culture, and encourage candidates to apply. Corporate recruiting videos are produced with the intent of giving potential employees a taste of what your company is all about and achieving your talent acquisition goals. (EDIT ME)

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financial testimonials & Awards videos

A corporate video series is a collection of informative videos created with the same end goal in mind. Traditionally three or more videos, they’re designed to have a universal appeal to customers and non-customers alike. A business video series offers a unique opportunity to help your audience better understand complex topics within your industry, and encourage them to engage with your company. In other words, a series is a valuable tool to build your brand. (EDIT ME)

Financial Brand design video production

Often when people think of the word “corporate” they may think of a stuffy office or long meetings filled with lots of bored people. That’s why we’ve seen more people make brand anthems a part of their corporate video production strategy. These videos are often meant to hype up what they stand for, who they are, and provide some depth to their brand. (EDIT ME)

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Bank & Financial Services Video Production 1

Wes is a detail oriented manager who watches the balance sheet. He is extremely creative and I can’t wait to collaborate with him again.

Eddy Remy
Advertising Center of Excellence at Bank of America

But what type of financial video production is right for you?

Phew! That sure is a lot of corporate video production options to consider and if you’re just getting started, it can feel like a lot. For any external-facing content, perhaps this infographic can help distill the type of content you should be making, and then you can better decide on the style. If you identify where you want to reach your customers in their buying journey, you can trace that back to the most applicable type of corporate video production and understand the investment of resources (time, money, etc.) it may take. If you’re looking for more guidance, feel free to drop is a line and we’re happy to walk through our discovery process to help figure out where to begin.

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