ONE “Aries Grid” (Updated)

3D Animation & Design

Our Next Energy (ONE)

Garbanzo teamed up with ONE to create a 3D explainer video for Aries Grid, a utility-scale battery system made with U.S.-built LFP batteries. When installed, Aries Grid can store renewable energy that can be used to power factories, data centers and communities.

Delivering over 2 minutes of photoreal animation, Garbanzo focused on bringing precisely engineered parts to life. From the small scale of a breadbox-sized battery pack, to a human-sized Aries Grid container (that stores dozens of battery packs), to the town-sized factory, battery grid, and solar farm, maintaining visual consistency was key.

This project updated the Aires Grid container model from this earlier project.

"Introducing Aries Grid (Updated)"

Container reveal

Batteries being inserted into updated 20 ft. container.

Wide shot of updated 20 ft. container.

Environmental rendering of Aries Grid, in specific environments:

  • Hospital
  • Factory
  • West Virginia
  • EV Bus Depot

Isometric diagram of of Aries Grid connections (power in and out).

Please visit the original Aries Grid project here.