FIS “Now New Next” Conference

Conference Graphics Package

Harbor Picture Company

Garbanzo was hired to create background panel animations for FIS’s 2021 virtual conference. With a runtime of 50 minutes, this included hundreds of animated backgrounds, titlecards, and supers.

the challenge
FIS "Now New Next" Conference 84FIS "Now New Next" Conference 85
panels everywhere

On set, there were 4 primary panels, 2 square panels, and various irregular objects on set (spheres, cubes, etc). Depending on the shot (close, medium, wide), there may be multiple panels visible – all requiring animation timed to the on set talent.

Multiply that by an estimated 50 minute presentation, and you get a staggering amount of animation!

Background animation loops

In order to complete all the panel animation on time and on budget, reusable background animation loops were created. These loops were then used to fill the panels, as well as composited underneath animated titles.

Still, hundreds of animated titles needed to be generated for the entire presentation.

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