The Rugged Bros

Branding, Packaging, & Marketing

Oveo Enterprises

In 2016, Garbanzo created and launched 4 unique products under a new national brand – “The Rugged Bros”. Our duties included the following:

  • Creative direction & Art direction
  • Managing global remote team of staff and freelancers
  • Managing production and post-production (graphic design, photo retouching, etc)
  • Creating and managing all website design and development, with a focus on engagement and conversion
  • Managing on-location and in-studio photoshoots
  • Creating and managing digital advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Managing global sourcing, manufacturing, factory inspections, shipping, logistics, warehousing, and fulfillment

It was a tall order, to say the least! The result: $250k in annual sales (2017 – 2019).

Branding Identity

Logo Design
2D logo design and brand identity for TRB






Package Design

Brush, Bottle, and Box design

Marketing materials

Product Photography
Amazon product photography for TRB
Talent Photography

E-commerce Presence

website development (Shopify)

Our client needed a commanding web presence that assured visitors that they were receiving a quality product, and that the ordering and shipping process would be effortless. Shopify was the straightforward solution, with heavily customized theme. Fulfillment on the backend was tied into the client’s Amazon FBA account.

Amazon storefront

While Shopify accounted for roughly 10% of the client’s business, Amazon was the primary sales outlet. Listings were created and optimized, product launches were coordinated, and reviews were solicited. Ad campaigns were designed and managed both on Amazon and Facebook.

Over a quarter million dollars in annual sales was the result.

The Rugged Bros 52
The Rugged Bros 53
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E-commerce websites are great, but brand awareness and engagement is key. We worked with social media expert splitdreamz to grow their audience and increase brand loyalty.

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