Junior Baby Hatter – Branding

Brand Identity

Junior Hatter LLC.

Junior Hatter wanted to take their original brand and bring it into the modern age while still maintaining a classic look. We wanted to make sure their website, email campaigns, and social media platforms were consistent with the new brand identity and new brand voice. The focus was on family togetherness and positioning the product as an heirloom. These are examples of our process and the final product.


Brand Identity

logo development
Back to the future

What we did was make a new version of our original logo and gave it a modern spin to it. We cleaned the lines and updated the color palette all in an effort to make the name easier to read.

A lot of research was done to make sure these colors and designs worked with the brand voice as well as their customers. We also created variations that allowed for many different uses.

Junior Baby Hatter - Branding 72Junior Baby Hatter - Branding 73
Junior Baby Hatter - Branding 74
Junior Baby Hatter - Branding 75
Junior Baby Hatter - Branding 76
Junior Baby Hatter - Branding 77
Main colors



Secondary colors








font 1


Montserrat 700 44 px

Montserrat 400 18 px

font 2


Bitter Regular 18 px

photography exploration

With the photos, we wanted to explore a few themes. First we wanted to explore the idea of the bond between the father and the son. Secondly, we wanted to make the photos feel like they could come from old-timey London. These are some experiments we did to try and achieve that look.

Websites & Social Media

Developing systems and templates

After finalizing the brand identity for Junior Baby Hatter, we had to develop templates and systems for both the website pages and social media.  It took about 2 months to perfect the look of everything. We broke it down into only a few questions. What will the site pages feel like? What will the social posts convey? How are they tied together?


Working with the owner, we crafted a simple but elegant site that felt clean and modern but had a little bit of an old-timey flair to it.

Later, we styled the rest of the pages, of which there were many. Each main page had to be built and designed as well as a template page for every product. We worked closely with the owner to get the feel just right.

Product shots
with models

They used these photos for their social media as well as their website. Later they asked us to help develop designs that would be used to emphasize the child-like aspect of the company.

A character was designed and a story to go with it. We also helped with their social media posts and email blasts.

Promo marketing materials
social media design implementation
Junior Baby Hatter - Branding 81
Junior Baby Hatter - Branding 82
kick it into high-gear

The proof is in the pudding as they say and you can see it dripping all over Junior Baby Hatter’s Instagram feed.

First we started with a strategy, then we made a mix of photos and designs based on the brand identity.

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