The Seven

Motion Graphics Package


Garbanzo created the TV show package for MTV’s “The Seven”, a replacement series to their long-running hit show “TRL”. The broadcast design package included hundreds of elements: open, countdowns, numerous bugs, transitions, loops, bumps, and lower 3rds…each element in three color variations!

Times Square Jumbotron

Videos played @ 3pm Every weekday for 2 seasons
The Seven 50

“I’ve worked with Wes and Garbanzo on several projects including TV series and live, daily news shows. When I needed a complete graphics package for a new live show, I instantly contacted them because of their creativity, work ethic, and all-around temperament…”

Jennie Sager
Executive Producer, MTV

shot breakdown

Before AutoCAD models of NYC were readily available, we had to use our mad programming skills and ingenuity to create a massive 3D model of midtown. Please don’t ask how we did it, otherwise we’d incriminate ourselves (Hi Google!).

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